Copyright infringement guidelines are here. This talks about rules of copyright. You must claim that your photo is yours. Here you may not do anything below

The Do's Edit

  1. Only upload your own media. This means only make your own page, post your own media and make sure your message doesn't violate copyright on talk pages
  2. Avoid posting messages that are already made. You can get banned from doing so. Unlike the original survivalcraft wikia, this survivalcraft wiki provides a talk page instead of a message wall
  3. Signature your name before publishing your message! It is very important that you do so

The Dont's Edit

  1. Do not steal media that is already used by other users, unless you have permission from the responsible uploader of the photo and/or video
  2. Don't post messages that are already made on this wiki, or on the original wiki
  3. Don't forget to signature your name! It is very important that you do so

What we do when you don't Edit

We will undo messages that violate copyright, and if you're a member of the original wiki, then ImfamousLaila will notify an admin there and tell the admin to block the user, if content is stolen from there Edit