Description (From Recipedia)Edit

Gunpowder is a substance capable of burning in an oxygenless environment because it contains its own source of oxygen, saltpeter. When burning, gunpowder emits large amounts of hot gases. Will explode with devastating force if confined in a small volume, such as a keg, and ignited


Gunpowder can be crafted out of saltpeter, sulphur, and coal at the same time, and it is an explosive, because when you throw it in lava. it will explode in lava when thrown correctly, and elemental saltpeter and sulphur is mixed in it, with coal also mixed in it


  • Gunpowder is used in the making of gunpowder kegs, Explosive Bolts and Bombs.
  • It is found in the terrain section of the recipaedia.
  • It may be thrown for minor damage.
  • It will explode if heated in a furnace.
  • Can be used as explosive trails if thrown in a line, and will explode if exposed to fire or explosives

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