Hunting basics Edit

To hunt, you need a minimum of one:

  • Furnace
  • Ranged weapon or projectile
  • Melee weapon
  • Patience

You also might want:

  • A trap
  • A pond or something that is not the ocean
  • A stand, so you can easily kill animals from above.
  • A boat, because your body temperature gets low in water

Hunting tipsEdit

First learn about the animals you want, because there are some animals in the water. That all includes freshwater bass, seabass, brown rays, yellow rays & barracudas. Since bass, rays and barracudas drop raw fish when killed, the fish must be cooked in the furnace to fill more hunger. Birds drop raw bird when killed, but when set on fire, it drops only cooked meat, No feathers, Just meat. Crafting guns can help you catch small game like birds. However, using a gun is quite expensive, so it's best to use a bow when hunting, or just a good old fashioned machete.

Hunting strategies Edit

It's best to be further away from an animal when you attack it, or up high. If you have a bow or projectile, higher is better. However, if you only have melee weapons, being on (or close to) the ground is your best bet. Also, because the game has no fishing rods, you have to kill fish the old fashioned way: spearing. Spearing a fish can be kind of difficult, as they are fast, and in the open ocean, it's hard to keep yourself afloat and kill a fish. Even if you do, the food would most likely sink to the bottom. So it's best to fish in shallow water, not deep.