Semiconductors are used as electronic logic gates. This family includes everything below

Germanium CrystalEdit

Germanium crystals are used for making logic gates. It belongs to a group of semiconductor and it can be used to make logic gates, LEDs & other electrics. Germanium ore can only be found deep underground, and improper tools used can lose the mineral

Wire Through SemiconductorEdit

Wire through semiconductor blocks are wire through blocks made of semiconductor. To make wire through semiconductor, you must have 6 germanium crystals, and 3 wires in the middle. You get three of them after you have done that

Logic GatesEdit

These logic gates include: Logic NOT gate, Logic AND gate, Logic OR gate, Logic XOR gate & Delay gate. when plugged in through a wire

LED LightsEdit

LEDs are lights that dont light up surroundings, but do light up. They got red (LED), green (LED), blue (4LED) and white (4LED)