Description (From Recipedia)Edit

A block of coal. If set on fire in the open, it will burn for a very long time. Good as a long lasting fuel in the furnace. You can craft it from a number of coal chunks, or split it back into them. Blocks of coal can sometimes be found underground inside of rich coal seams


coal blocks last much longer as a fuel than normal coal chunks, and can be found in caves (very rare chance for that to happen), and solid coal blocks. While normal coal chunks  have a fuel value of only 80, coal blocks have a fuel value of 600. 600 - 80 = 520, and solid coal blocks have 520% more fuel value than normal coal chunks

Purposes about coal blocksEdit

Solid coal blocks can be used for burning down fuel. Coal chunks can be found inside coal ore, and coal ore drops coal chunks when mined. To make solid coal blocks, you must craft it by using putting 9 different coal chunks for the mineral and then all coal chunks will turn into a solid coal block. To get back your 9 coal chunks, you must put your coal block then dismantle it

Useful TipsEdit

Because coal is very useful for cooking meat and it burns for a very long time, coal is used as a fuel for certain purposes. and because coal blocks are rarely found in cave systems, they can only be found in mountains. some world seeds (such as gv, atlantic, arctic, canada & europe) have a solid coal block in the mountain. it isn't painted wood, granite, bricks or basalt. use a match and set it on fire and don't go back for atleast 1 minute and 30 seconds. Coal may also even be used as a fuel in fire places, if ignited with a match. Coal chunks are also only in granite rock (same thing with iron). Iron ore only drops the block itself, while coal ore drops coal chunks

Notes & UsesEdit

  • Coal blocks last longer than coal chunks
  • Coal blocks can be found in rich coal seams
  • Coal blocks can sometimes be in caves
  • Coal blocks can be made by crafting 9 different coal chunks
  • Coal blocks can be dismantled into 9 chunks
  • Coal blocks can be used as a fuel to do many different things